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Todas las notas sobre México que se pubiquen en prensa extranjra.

AMLO dejó ir anoche la oportunidad perfecta: Jorge Ramos (Atando Cabos)

Josefina Vázquez Mota estuvo mucho más agresiva anoche, aunque ya es demasiado tarde, dijo el periodista Jorge Ramos, en cabina con Denise Maerker. Criticó que López Obrador no hubiera atacado a Peña Nieto. Para Ramos es entendible que no quiera proyectar agresividad, pero en su opinión perdió la oportunidad perfecta para mostrar la debilidad que tiene Peña Nieto en espacios públicos. Sigue leyendo


Mexico’s Final Presidential Debate Lacks Fire (New York Times)

By Randal C. ArchiboldThe, published in New York Times

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s presidential candidates engaged in low-energy exchanges Sunday in their second and final debate before the July 1 election, largely sparing the front-runner as the three candidates trailing in the polls squabbled among themselves.

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Peña Nieto unscathed in TV debate (Financial Times)

By Adam Thompson, published in Financial Times

The opposition candidate and frontrunner in Mexico’s presidential election emerged unscathed from a live, televised debate late Sunday that some observers saw as the last chance for his rivals to close the gap on him.

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Candidate From Mexico’s Ruling Party Goes on Attack (The Wall Street Journal)

By DAVID LUHNOW, published in The Wall Street Journal

MEXICO CITY—The presidential candidate of Mexico’s governing party went on the attack in the country’s last major debate Sunday ahead of the July 1 vote, accusing her two rivals of representing a return to a chaotic and authoritarian past.

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Trailing ruling party candidate goes on attack in Mexico’s final presidential debate (The Washington Post)

By Associated Press, published in Washington Post

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s ruling party candidate who is trailing in third by many polls bombarded her rivals Sunday in the second and final presidential debate with accusations that they represent a return to the country’s past of corruption and authoritarianism. Sigue leyendo

Candidates in Mexico Signal a New Tack in the Drug War (The New York Times)

By Randal C. Archibold, published in The New York Times

MEXICO CITY — The top three contenders for Mexico’s presidency have all promised a major shift in the country’s drug war strategy, placing a higher priority on reducing the violence in Mexico than on using arrests and seizures to block the flow of drugs to the United States. Sigue leyendo

Priorities in Mexico’s Drug War (The New York Times)

Published in The New York Times

The following are excerpts from an interview with Enrique Peña Nieto, a former governor of Mexico State who is the front-running candidate in the July 1 presidential election in Mexico. The interview was conducted in Spanish last week and translated by The New York Times. Sigue leyendo